Item Build And Runes Draven ADC LOL Wild Rift

Draven is one of the champions who can become adc, because he has high damage attacks and this item build and runes draven adc on wild rift.


In becoming a carry in the wild rift, you must be able to inflict high damage on the enemy. By using a good build item and proper way of playing, you can more easily attack the enemy. Carry can be said to be one of the important roles that can determine your victory in attacking your enemy. Here we will discuss about the champions in the wild rift.

Draven is one of the champions who can become adc, because he has high damage attacks. Not only that, he can also strengthen his attacks, so you can deal higher damage. Of course, how to play it is very important for you to know, because draven is a little difficult to use. However, there are other things you should know besides how to play.

The use of build and rune items is also very important for you to know. By using certain items and runes, you can more easily attack the enemy. Because, items and runes can make the champion you use stronger. Therefore, you must pay attention to this.



  • Conqueror
  • Gathering Storm
  • Spirit Walker
  • Manaflow Band

Item Build

  • Bloothirster
  • Gluttonous Greaves
  • Infinity Edge
  • Rapid Firecannon
  • Death’s Dance
  • Guardian Angel
  • Quicksilver Enchant

Here we will provide tips regarding the Item Build and Rune Draven ADC in the Wild Rift, which you can try. By using this build item, you can more easily attack the enemy, because the items used can increase the champion’s attack very high.



Draven usually uses runes that can increase his damage when he attacks an enemy. In addition, he also needs a little extra blood and slow resistance, so he can run more smoothly when he is slowed down. As you know, many champions have skills with slow effects, making it difficult for draven to pick up their swords when attacking enemies. Here are the runes that you can try:



This rune will help the draven attack the enemy, because it can increase the damage it has. Draven himself is a champion who relies on his basic attacks to attack enemies, making him very suitable for using this rune. Because, he will get additional damage when attacking the enemy when using this rune.

Every time you attack the enemy, Kalina’s attack damage will increase and can be stacked 5 times. Draven is very easy to attack enemies allowing him to get stacks quickly. Not only that, when the stack is full, you will get additional damage which you can use to attack enemy champions.


Strom Gathering

This rune is perfect for draven, if you become stronger when playing in the late game. Every 2 minutes, the draven will get an additional 2 attack damage. So, the longer you play, the more damage you have.


Spirit Walker

This rune can help you withstand enemy attacks, and reduce slow when playing. You will get an additional 50 maximum health, so you can have more blood. Not only that, you will also get slow resistance.


Manaflow Band

Draven has damage skills that can attack enemies and buff skills to strengthen his attacks, making him very dependent on skills when playing. By using this rune, the draven can increase his mana, and allows him to use his skills freely.


Item Build

The build items used by draven usually have critical and damage. Use items that can increase damage to strengthen draven attacks, and use physical vamp items so you can add blood when attacking enemies. That way, you can defend your attacks and defenses. Here are the recommended build items that we recommend:



Items that will increase damage and provide physical vamp, can help you to attack enemies and increase blood when doing team fight. This item will also give you additional attack damage, so you can attack with greater damage. When your blood is still full, the physical vamp will turn into a shield.


Gluttonous Greaves

Shoe items that will add physical vamp when playing. This item is perfect for draven compared to other shoes, because it can provide additional life steal when attacking enemies. This item will be upgraded again, and the skill changed with other items.


Infinity Edge

Items that will provide additional damage for draven. This item will provide additional attack damage and critical rate. With this item, you will often give high critical damage. The effect of this item too, will increase the damage from the crit damage from 200% damage to 230% damage. So, you can do more damage than the critical.


Rapid Forecannon

This one item will give you an additional critical hit. This item will also give you additional movement speed, so you can run faster. When you walk or use skills, you will get a stack that can accommodate up to 100.

When the stack reaches 100, you can activate this item skill by attacking the enemy using a basic attack. Your basic attack will provide additional bonus damage when attacking enemies, so you can give additional damage when using this item.


Death’s Dance

This one item will provide additional maximum health and attack damage to attack the enemy. You will also get additional cooldown reduction for using skills. You will get a physical vamp as an effect of the item, so you can become stronger in resisting enemy attacks.


Guardian Angel

Items that will revive the draven again, so you can play faster when you die. You need 4 seconds to get back up with an additional 50% blood and 30% mana. So, you have time that you can use, to run away from enemies or attack again.


Quicksilver Enchant

Enchantment items from shoes that you can use. Draven is quite difficult to fight against enemies who have cc skills such as stun or immobile. By using this item, you can remove all of these buffs. So, you can attack the enemy faster.


Those are the tips about Draven ADC’s Item Build and Rune in Wild Rift, which you can try. You can replace some items with other items if you really don’t feel right. This build item is only a recommendation from us, so that you can use draven more easily.


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