Item Build BlitzCrank LOL Wild Rift, Best!

Understand this Blitzcrank LoL wild rift build item so you can use it more effectively and creepy ingame and this some item build blitzcrank


Want to use thick support? But still getting easy kill assists? Use Blitzcrank if you really want to be a reliable support in Wild Rift. Understand this Blitzcrank Wild Rift build item so you can use it more effectively. Blitzcrank is a tank that is no joke, it is terrible in the game itself.

Blitzcrank can be your choice who wants to be a support with big participation. Enough tanky and hook at the right timing can provide easy kills for the team. Most of the time, however, when playing Blitzcrank he is a hit or miss champion. Sometimes very strong, sometimes a little useless.

Item Build Blitzcrank LoL Wild Rift

But take it easy, we will provide a Blitzcrank build item that is suitable for you. This build item will make Blitzcrank super tanky and won’t even run out of mana! Thick armor can withstand many enemy ADC attacks;


  • Winter Aproach
  • Mercury’s Treads
  • Zeke’s Convergence
  • Protector’s Vow
  • Randuin’s Omen
  • Warmog’s Armor

This build item will make your Blitzcrank terrible. With super high armor, you are anti ADC tankers and assassins. Especially if you can stick or pull your opponent, Blitzcrank will be very difficult to remove.

Here, let’s discuss the Blitzcrank Wild Rift build item which is very strong and suitable for you to use. Of course, you can change it depending on your needs and matchup later.


Winter approach

You must rush this item to be the first item because it will change to Fimbulwinter even faster. The reason is there are two factors, mana and armor. Blitzcrank requires both and this item provides it. Not to mention the shield effect in Fimbul which is very useful for Blitzcrank.


Mercury’s treads

For shoes you have two choices, Mercury and Ninja. Mecury can be your best choice because these shoes at least reduce your opponent’s CC. Using Ninja will also be too overkill for the damage reduction so it’s better to reduce your opponent’s CC to make you more active.


Zake’s convergance

This item is terrible at Blitzcrank thanks to its synergy. Apart from providing an unreasonably high sustain stat, Zeke’s was also a good match thanks to its effect. Ulti Blitzcrank which has good area and CC will be increased thanks to the mini item effect. Your damage will be no joke!


Protector’s vow

There isn’t much to explain here. This item is a good support item thanks to its aura. Not only that, the high sustain stat will also be very useful, especially as a Blitzcrank who often sticks to friends. You must buy it, you cannot pass it to Blitzcrank later.


Randuin’s omen

This is especially important if you are fighting a lot of assassins or ADC crit. Providing very high armor, Randuin’s will also reduce their critical damage, especially effective in the mid and late games. You can change to anti AP if your opponents are mostly APs.


Warmog’s armor

This item is actually only an additional item because it is quite rare as support until the last slot item. Warmog’s can be your choice thanks to the very high HP and it can also make you not have to go back to base again. Can be changed to Thornmail or other anti AP.


Those are the Blitzcrank Wild Rift build items that you can use. Blitzcrank is a terrible champion if used properly. the right pull can be a nightmare for your opponent.

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