Item Build Jhin LOL Mobile Wild Rift, Damage Spills!

Jhin's strength comes from his semi burst damage output. Incredibly high damage, Jhin can kill opponents with even one bullet!


If you want to use ADC with irregular damage, you can try Jhin. With the right Jhin Wild Rift build items, you can become a very terrible champion. His damage can even be said to be the highest damage output in the ADC class if played correctly.

Jhin’s strength comes from his semi burst damage output. Incredibly high damage, Jhin can kill opponents with even one bullet! Jhin has an interesting game that is reloading. Has 4 bullets, Jhin’s last bullet can deal high damage with the execute effect.


Item Build Jhin LoL Wild Rift

For those who are curious, what the Jhin build item looks like so that it can be deadly, you can see below:


  • Infinity Edge
  • Gluttonous Greaves
  • Rapid Firecannon
  • Phantom Dancer
  • Youmu Ghostblade
  • Guardian Angel

The build items here can certainly make Jhin even more terrifying. How not, Jhin’s damage output, which focuses on this damage build, can provide high damage and stable DPS.


Infinity edge

Infinity Edge might be an item that will be very felt for Jhin. With a very high stat damage combined with a crit rate it will be terrible. But you will buy this for crit damage up. Stack with Jhin’s last bullet, making it even more dangerous.


Gluttonous greaves

For shoe choices, Jhin usually uses Gluttonous. With the additional lifesteal effect, at least Jhin can make trades stronger. But if you fight an enemy that makes you difficult, you can replace it accordingly. To upgrade is quite free. Usually buy from Quicksilver for anti CC or Hourglass.


Rapid frecannon

With Rapid Jhin it will be even more terrifying. The high crit rate bonus will match the crit build as well as the ASPD for damage. Remember Jhin cannot increase his ASPD, but ASPD becomes damage. Combined with the effect of this item, Jhin can burst deadly.


Phantom dancer

Same with Rapidcannon, you will buy Phantom Dancer for crit rate and damage from its ASPD. The higher Jhin Damage will be terrible thanks to the damage output. Lifeline is also useful because shield can become your clutch when you are dying.


Youmu ghostblade

Youmu is quite unique because this item deals high damage to Jhin. First, the 50 damage stat is not small, besides the item effect. The effect of this energize item if active will give ASPD which will be damage later for Jhin. The combo with crit is certainly deadly.


Guardian angel

The last item is quite flexible. You will buy Guardian Angel for a useful revive and also a balanced stat. Can be changed to other items that are considered more useful as well. Items like Mortal Reminder to fight tanks for example. The last slot is flexible enough so fill it according to conditions.


That’s Jhin’s build item which is very strong and terrible. You can use it if you really need any item that makes it effective, just follow this build. You can use it in various matchups without any problems.

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