Item Build Vayne LOL Mobile Wild Rift, Monster Late Game!

Usually Vayne will be very weak in the early game because of the small damage and also does not have sufficient damage skills.


For those of you who want to play strong in the late game, there is a hard carry that might help you. Yes, Vayne is a terrible ADC in the late game, can be played on the Baron or duo lane, he still has high potential. With the right Vayne Wild Rift build item, you can be the best. But accompanied by the correct playstyle.

Usually Vayne will be very weak in the early game because of the small damage and also does not have sufficient damage skills. He is a pure auto attack champion with good scaling of course. But at least Vayne has a dash and CC handy to help him out at the start.

Therefore, he can be played independently thanks to his skillset, but remains active in the late game. It takes at least a few items to start actively playing and feel the damage. So don’t rush in the early game because later if you fail it can be dangerous later in the late game.


Build Vayne LoL Wild Rift

For those who are curious, there are below for Vayne build items that you can use. The damage will be felt later:


  • Blade of the Ruined King
  • Gluttonous Greaves
  • Phantom Dancer
  • Infinity Edge
  • Death’s Dance
  • Guardian Angel

Here, let’s discuss the Vayne Wild Rift build items that you can use later. Very compressing in the late game. Vayne is one of the best hard carry that you can use in the Wild Rift. Difficult to catch, high damage, of course very terrible if full item.


Blade of the ruined king

Blade of the Ruined King is the perfect item for Vayne. Starting with an aggressive stat with ASPD and painful damage, this item also has a strong effect. The interesting HP damage for you to use is very effective against tankers. Of course this is your core item, it’s hard to replace.


Gluttonous greaves

For shoes you have freedom, but Gluttonous Greaves might be the first choice. These shoes provide a good lifesteal stat. But if you need additional sustain, you can change to something else. The upgrade is actually free, even though you should take anti CC or Hourglass.


Phantom dance

Phantom Dancer is the right item for Vayne to use. Providing high ASPD and crit rate, it will be felt for this champion. But not only that, the Lifeline effect which if it turns on will provide a very useful shield for Vayne. The reason is the sustain bonus for clutching is useful when all in.


Infinity edge

Almost all ADCs will buy this critical item. High damage from critical will be felt for Vayne. The effect is also very strong because it can increase your critical damage. Using Vayne is almost mandatory because Vayne can give crit in her bonus damage later.


Death’s dance

Death’s Dance will be a pretty important item for Vayne, although you can change it to other items such as Mortal Reminder when fighting tankers. But you will often buy this item thanks to a balanced stat for sustain and damage and its effects. The effect of this item will provide a useful lifesteal and Cauterize that can make Vayne more sustainable.


Guardian angel

With a balanced high stat, Guardian Angel is a very important item for you to use. This item will provide a revive effect which can turn on the user. For an ADC like Vayne, a second chance like this is very important, especially in the teamfight later.


Those are the Vayne Wild Rift build items that you can use in the game. This item build is very effective to use, thanks to good stats and also some useful effects for Vayne. He must be active in the late game to make it feel.

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