Orianna Build Item Support LOL Mobile Wild Rift

Orianna, who is usually a mid laner with full AP build items, turns out to be a support with her shield and cc and you have to know orianna build item.


Some champions can be different roles when using different build items and gameplay. Depending on the skills the champion has, you can use them more effectively, but with different roles. Therefore, item build and champion use are very important. Here we will discuss the champions and items in the wild rift.

Orianna, who is usually a mid laner with a full AP build item, turns out to be a support with her shield and cc. Because Oriana can attack enemies from a distance to push them back, and has a skill that can provide shields to her friends. Not only that, this champion can provide various cc effects such as slow to skills that can attract enemies. Therefore, this champion can be a strong support.

Now what matters is a suitable build item. Orianna if you want to be a support, it’s better to use items that can help the team and not as a source of damage such as full AP build items. You can try using items that can provide heal or shield in helping the team.

Here we will provide tips regarding the Build Item Orianna Support in Wild Rift, which you can try based on my player experience. By using this item, maybe you can become better at being support. However, if you feel that something doesn’t match the way you play, you can change the build items according to how you play.


Harmonic Echo

This item will give you heal when you help the team by providing a shield. When you use this item, you can help the team maintain its blood. Not only that, this item provides an additional maximum mana and cooldown reduction. If you want to increase the blood of your friends, use a skill that provides a shield to activate this item.


Ionian Boots Of Lucidity

Shoe items that will be very suitable for lowering cool down. In using Oriana, you must be more active in using skills. Therefore, of the many items, this shoe is the most suitable for him. Besides being able to provide movement speed, you can also use skills more often with shorter cooldowns thanks to this one item. This item also has skills that can increase movement speed which you can use to chase your friends who are in danger.


Ardent Censer

Ardent censer is also a support item that you can use to help your team. This item is almost the same as the first item you bought, but the effect is different. If those who previously gave heal, this item will give you a buff that can strengthen the champion. So, when you give a shield to a friend’s champion, your friend will get buffs such as additional attack speed and additional basic damage. Very strong to be given to adc who play basic attack or atk speed.


Infinity Orbs

This one item can give Orina a little damage which can help her. This item will provide movement speed and magic penetration which is very useful for attacking enemies. Actually you can also use other items, but later you won’t be able to deal high enough damage. You can use this item as additional damage because it has magic penetration that can penetrate enemy armor easily.


Rabadon’s Deathcap

Items that can increase damage and scaling of Orina’s shield. By using this item, Orina’s ability power will increase by the height of the item’s stat and the item’s effect.


Void Staff

This one item can also help Orina in giving additional damage. This item provides power and magic penetration abilities that can penetrate enemy armor. By using this item, you can still compete in dealing damage, even though you are in the late game where the enemy already has quite a lot of items.


Redeeming Enchantment

Items that you can use, when enchanting boots. You can use this one item to give area heal to friends. If you fight an enemy with a high burst, you can replace it with another item, which can provide a shield instantly.


Those are the tips regarding the Build Item for Orianna Support in Wild Rift, which you can try. By using this item, maybe you can use Oriana Support more easily. If there is something that you think is lacking, you can try to replace it with another item, which you think is more suitable.


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