Recommended Runes Kai’sa Mobile Wild Rift

With the items still left and not out yet, unfortunately Kai'sa has not been able to reach his highest potential. Kai'sa is a hard scale champion.


Kai’sa is unfortunately not that strong compared to other ADCs. This is actually due to a small problem, the core item is not in Wild Rift yet. Yes, without the core item Guinsoo’s Rageblade Kai’sa is really bad. But at least with the recommendation of Kai’sa Wild Rift’s runes, she can be lifted a little.

With the items still left behind and not released, unfortunately Kai’sa has not been able to reach his highest potential. Whereas in LoL, Kai’sa is a hard scale champion. Hard scale means the late game scaling is better than the others. But because there were a few items and the rune system left behind, Kai’sa wasn’t that good.

But at least you can still play using Kai’sa with some changes. Although not as effective as in LoL, he is still worth playing. Personally, I have about 65% + winrate with Kai’sa and he’s very strong in the late game.


Follow the rune set below so you can use Kai’sa better. Very strong in the late game, unfortunately because of his bad scaling without Guinsoo, he is a bit less interesting to play than other ADCs;


  1. Rune
  • Fleet Footwork
  • Gathering Storm
  • Spirit Walker
  • Manaflow Band
  1. Spell
  • Flash
  • Barrier

Esports will explain, what are the runes and spells that might help you play better with Kai’sa. Kai’sa is very strong and of course can be one of the best ADC if you can upgrade the item again. Suitable for hit and run players.



For rune problems, you must remember that Kai’sa is a hit and run champion. If you play champions like Graves and Jinx, the three of them are roughly the same champion. Attacking non-stop and moving non-stop is their advantage.

Therefore, it is not too different in terms of runes, Kai’sa will aim for high mobility and damage. But as an ADC he has to avoid a lot of high damage because it’s quite squishy. But take it easy, Kai’sa is also strong enough to finish off the opponent before he can strike back.


Fleet Footwork

Fleet Footwork will be your main Keystone Rune. This rune offers what Kai’sa needs. Starting from heal and MVSPD there for him. Heal is useful because Kai’sa is an ADC who plays forward, MVSPD is also useful because he is a hit and run champion who can’t stand still.


Strom Gathering

Actually some people use Brutal, but I think Gathering Storm is a better choice. The reason is scaling. In the late game, Gathering Storm will be better than Brutal who is more focused on the early game. With this rune you will be even more terrifying later.


Spirit Walker

Again sustain and hit and run assistance for Kai’sa. His health is indeed very little and considered less profitable, but his slow resistance is very good. Suitable for Kai’sa who will continue to move non-stop and avoid CC. Using the Hunter Titan isn’t so bad either if you want to play it safe.


Manaflow Band

Manaflow is definitely a must-use Kai’sa for one reason, Kai’s a waste of mana. Yes, Kai’sa is an ADC who will always use his uptime skills. This is because most of his skills are a source of DPS. There is a reason Manamune is a mandatory item which combined with Manaflow will be very strong.



For spells, of course Flash is mandatory for all champions, but Kai’sa’s second spell is quite free and flexible. He can use heal or barrier himself. But roughly speaking, Barrier is better considering Kai’sa is very compatible with Seraphine. Not only that, Barrier can also help when Kai’sa enters using ulti.



Flash is of course a must-use for all champions. With Flash, Kai’sa will be more slippery and hard to catch. Being able to get in and out of fights very easily, Kai’sa can take full advantage of Flash. It cannot be changed to any other spell regardless of the situation.


You can use heal and it’s not wrong because it’s quite popular and it suits Kai’sa, but Barrier is better. There are several reasons, but the main one is that firstly Kai’sa is very compatible with Seraphine which will require a barrier. Besides being with Kai’sa’s Seraphine ulti, which makes him jump next to his opponent with a shield, he can add more Barrier.


That’s the recommendation of Kai’sa Wild Rift runes. Kai’sa, which is a hard scale ADC, requires a late game to feel the effect. However, Kai’sa is roughly a strong champion, unfortunately it lacks core items in Wild Rift.


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