Recommended Runes Malphite LOL Wild Rift

Malphite is a highly underrated champion. If you see someone playing Malphite in the Baron or midlane, maybe you guys are lucky to see this.


For those of you Malphite players, sometimes you get confused about runes. This is because Malphite can be said to be quite flexible for rune problems. But there are recommendations for the Malphite Wild Rift runes for you to use, especially as a baron laner. This rune will prioritize your damage and harass.

Malphite is a highly underrated champion. If you see someone playing Malphite in the Baron or midlane, maybe you guys are lucky to see this. It’s seldom picked, once picked it must be forced to support. Even though as a solo laner, Malphite is terrifying thanks to its harass and sustain.

For those of you who are curious to setup Malphite, take it easy, we will give the best here. This rune is perfect for those of you who want to play Malphite on a solo lane, but this rune is also not so bad for support.



  • Grasp of the Undying
  • Weakness
  • Spirit Walker
  • Manaflow Band


  • Flash
  • Ignite



For the Rune problem, Malphite is actually a bit flexible. He can use many types of combinations and looks strong. But here we’re going to focus on solo lanes where sustain and harass will be essential. If you notice this combination will make Malphite very aggressive.


Grasp of the undying

This is your important keystone which we will build from here. Grasp has everything Malphite needs. For harass it is very strong because it takes up% of your opponent’s HP, for sustain is also not bad because it gets heal and bonus HP. In the hands of the bully Malphite, of course, there is no better rune than this.



Weakness seems at first not very good, the enemy is exposed to CC and only receives a 5% bonus damage which is considered not so good. Don’t get me wrong, try to pay attention to Malphite’s skillset first. Malphite has a slow which can continue to be dispelled without stopping. Not only slow, because the ultimate AoE CC can give Weakness effects to all opponents!


Spirit walker

Spirit Walker, if you look at it, doesn’t seem satisfying. The HP added is considered small, but calm because what you are aiming for is the slow resistance. A slow resistance of 20% will be felt in Malphite’s hands, especially when he is quite stiff. Very useful when chasing opponents.


Manaflow band

Malphite’s main problem is one, where. Mana Malphite is very wasteful if you are not good at managing it. Even though you can control whichever one feels leaking. Therefore, you can use Manaflow. All Malphite skills can consistently trigger the effects of this Manaflow Band.



For spells, Malphite is usually not inviolable. There aren’t many spells that you can use other than these two because they are effective. In theory, you can use it like Exhaust or Barrier, it’s just less effective on the Malphite solo lane. Use both below.



Of course, Flash is a must under Malphite. In fact, roughly all champions are obliged under Flash. Flash can be used for a variety of purposes. The most common chase or escape. But Flash can also be used for repositioning or initiating when using ulti.



build other spells, Ignite the most important for you to use. The reason is obvious because Ignite is a spells that can make it easier for you to solo kill. In addition, the Griveous Wound effect is very pronounced when fighting high lifesteal solo laners like Nasus and Fiora. Easy kill and easy finishing!


Those are the recommendations for the Malphite Wild Rift runes that you can use on solo lanes. Malphite is a terrible champion thanks to his very profitable skillset down the lane. In teamfight it is also quite dangerous. With the right ulti, 5 opponents can just float away!


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