Recommended Runes of Sona LOL Wild Rift

Support is very important to be on the team, so that you can maintain adc safely. Usually Support has skills that can provide heal buffs.


In playing the wild rift you must be able to work well together. Each role has its own duty, but the goal to win the game remains the same. One of the roles that helps this team is really needed when playing. This role is support. With support, you can fight safely, and can win games more easily. Here we will discuss about the champions in the wild rift.

Support is very important to be on the team, so that you can maintain ADC safely. Usually Support has skills that can provide heal buffs, but some also have  cc skills. Depending on the support you use, the way to help the team is very different. So you can support the team in various ways, such as weakening the enemy or strengthening your team. Apart from using champions, item builds also matter.

Item build for champions support, can help you strengthen the skills you have. You can use items that can add to heal and so on. Apart from build items, you can also use runes. Runes can help you upgrade champions and provide several skills that you can use.

The runes used by Sona are different depending on the role you are playing. You can see the run below:

  1. Rune Sona Full AP
  • Eletrocute
  • Brutal
  • Manaflow Band
  1. Rune Sona Support
  • Summon Aery
  • Brutal
  • Regeneration
  • Pack Hunter

It has been summarized by esportsku so that you can read more easily. By using the right runes, you can make Sona even stronger.

Here we will provide tips on Rune Recommendations for Sona in the Wild Rift, which you can try. By using this rune, you can use sona more effectively.


Recommended runes for the sona in the wild rift

Sona has 2 types of build items. He can use build full ability power as APC, or use build support. With these 2 builds, the use of runes and the summoners spell used is also different. So, you can use the rune references below when using sona.


Rune Sona Full AP

Sona has a strong skill to become a damager. His skill has high damage, allowing him to attack enemies easily. You can use this skill to give poke, and give a high burst.



This rune will help Sona in giving burst damage. Sona can inflict damage easily, using only a few of her skills. By using this rune, he can give burst damage easily.

This rune has a cooldown for its use, so you can’t keep spamming this rune. The damage from this rune is scaled from the many power abilities you have. So, the more power abilities you have, the bigger this rune will do damage.



Rune that will give you additional damage and penetration. You will get additional power abilities and magic penetration, so you can deal greater damage and can penetrate enemy armor easily.


Manaflow Band

A rune that will increase Sona’s mana even higher. Sona is very easy to poke making him able to use this rune well. The maximum of this rune is 300 mana, so you can do 10 pokes to get the maximum mana this rune gives.


Rune Sona Support

Sona was originally a strong buffer heal support. He can provide heal, shield and even buffs such as increasing damage and movement speed. One of the strong support buffers in the game and easy to use. You can see the runes used below:


Summon Aery

Summone aery is a rune suitable for buffer support. Not only because it provides shields, this rune can also be used to attack enemies. Sona has a poke attack that is easy to hit the enemy, making this rune work as an additional damage to the enemy.

The shield that this rune has is very strong to withstand enemy attacks, so you can keep your ADC better. If you attack the enemy, Aery will give DoT for some time. However, if you use it to attack the enemy, you have to wait for the aery to return so you can use it again.



Brutal is one of the runes that can increase damage and penetration damage. However, here you take more of the power abilities. The greater the ability power you have, the scaling of the items you use will be greater. So, you can give more heal later.



Indeed you can give heal to friends and yourself. However, you will easily run out of mana later. By using this rune, you can heal your friends and you will get enough mana regen to fill your mana back.


Hunter Pack

This rune is usually used for champion support. You will get additional movement speed when next to your partner. Not only that, every different champion you defeat, you will get an additional 50 gold. Of course, the gold bonus is also given to your friends who help kill the same champion.


Those are Rune Recommendations for Sona in the Wild Rift, which you can try. By using these runes, you can make your team even stronger. With good preparation, you can make the champion you use even better to use.


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