Tips For Playing Gragas Wild Rift, Deadly Nuker!

Gragas is a very flexible champion. He can fill quite a number of roles in Wild Rift. Generally he fills mid, but can fill Baron and even support too!


Tips for playing Gragas Wild Rift. If you think that mage nuker is usually soft and fragile, not Gragas. This one champion is very tough. As a fighter-mage, Gragas has good sustain as well as deadly damage. He is very flexible and can fill many roles.

Gragas is a very flexible champion. He can fill quite a number of roles in Wild Rift. Generally he fills mid, but can fill Baron and even support too! Therefore, he is very worthy for you to buy because you can change roles during the game if needed.

Gragas is a champion burst. He uses a combo that has high damage and there is also skill 2 which consumes 8% of the opponent’s HP! Not only burst and sustain because the CC is also deadly. Can be combined with other champions who are generally Yasuo thanks to the knockup from Gragas.

Here, let’s discuss tips for playing Gragas Wild Rift. He was terrible when the laning phase was due to his poke and harass. Even though you have trouble harassing and poke with skills, you can also use the skills for the zoning tool, making farming especially difficult for champions to approach too.


Passive free makes him durable on the lane

Gragas is a very sustainable champion. This is not because he has high HP, high armor, or high res magic, this is because Gragas has self-heal that can be spam. Every time you use the Gragas skill, you have a passive that can fire to give a fairly high heal.


Which gragas friendly skill

Interestingly, Gragas is a very mana friendly champion. He can last a long time on the lane thanks to the manacost that is not too many, he can continue to be used to give himself heal. Very strong thanks to this little manacost so you can focus on build damage / CDR.


Laning phase for opponents difficulty

You have to take advantage of the Gragas skill set. He has a skill set that is suitable for bully lane. Gragas has AoE damage, burst, mobility, and CC. In the laning phase you can make your opponent miserable easily. Especially if you fight against a melee champion who can win easily.


Use his combo

Gragas has an adorable combo. He also has a variety of combos depending on what skills you put out and the situation. Generally, you will setup first with skill 1. Use S2 to buff> S1 setup> hit S3> hit. Your ulti can be used as an opener or a finisher too.


Separate opponents with ulti

Your ulti is very deadly, with high damage and consistent AoE damage, lots of uses. In teamfight depending on your team, Gragas usually uses ulti to separate opponents. But remember, if you have a team like Fizz who wants to get together, don’t make your opponents separate.


Those are some tips for playing Gragas Wild Rift that you might find useful. Gragas are very dangerous and terrible if played properly. Not only that, he is also considered underrated and rarely used.


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