Total Primogem Patch 3.7 Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact has released a lot of the latest updates that are so diverse that you can find out. Together with Total Primogem Patch 3.7 Genshin Impact, you can collect it while the patch is in progress. This is an opportunity for Travelers to have a lot of Primogems, because they managed to collect them while playing.

There are lots of update features that are present in Genshin Impact itself, so Travelers will find lots of new features in the game. Including some of the other recent Stories from the Characters and Travelers themselves, it makes us curious to know that.

Looking at some of the current Genshin Impact Character List , there are a lot of them, making us curious to use them too. The ability of the characters in this game can indeed be part of the Party, so that they become stronger in facing their enemies.

Also know Total Primogem Patch 3.7 Genshin Impact, you will find out about it now so you understand better. Because with Total Primogems that travelers can collect, we can use it to do a Gacha.

Total Primogem Patch 3.7 Genshin Impact

  • Free: 9250+, 14 AC dan 5 IF.
  • Battle Pass dan Blessing: 12350+, 14 AC dan 9 IF.

Just collect some of the latest Primogem Patch 3.7, Travelers can get a lot of profit by following the newest content. Also showing the latest Updates in Genshin Impact which are so many, along with Events and also other prizes coming from here.

Only then will Travelers also be satisfied with this update, as a cool choice for us to know. Especially with this latest patch, we are getting closer to a new region to come.

After knowing Total Primogem 3.7 Genshin Impact, those of you who always play will definitely find it easy and interested in this content. It’s something we need to collect, so that later you can immediately use Primogems to do Gacha.

Then with the presence of the Kirara Genshin Impact character , this will become part of Update 3.7 which travelers will see later. Bringing a good impression for us to get, there will be a lot of good things that we can receive from here.