Wave Management LOL Mobile Wild Rift, Most Important Skill!

It is very important for you to be able to manage your lane because it is different from other moba mobile games, laning is very much felt in Wild Rift.


Wave management Wild Rift. For those of you who want to win lane easily, take it easy because there are methods that you can understand. Called wave management or lane management, you can make a profit for yourself just by adjusting the lane and the equilibrium.

It is very important for you to be able to manage your lane because it is different from other mobile games, laning is very much felt in Wild Rift. There needs to be balance and also knowing when to push and when to reverse.

Although it is not as bad as LOL. but in Wild Rift it is still very important too. Especially in high ranks where you will play with enemies who are more experienced and understand more about the mechanics of this game. For those of you who really want to keep climbing the rank easily, understand what wave management is.

Here, let’s discuss what wave management is and what the optimal wave looks like during the laning phase. Different situations are different which one is best for you, especially for players who want to dominate the lane very easily and also win in farming.

Spawn Minions

First is how the minions spawn, this is very important for you to learn. Minion or creep is the essence of laning phase. Your main goal for wave management is to set the tempo in this minion wave. It is very important that you understand the basics first.

In Wild Rift, it’s not that different from LoL. Minion lane will come out first at 1:05 am, in contrast to jungle which appears at 1; 00, 5 seconds faster. Understand the first seconds of this minion because in the first minute you have to be ready. Starting from buying items to putting wards. This time gap is quite long but don’t take it easy.

So interestingly, depending on where you are, it’s also different when the creeps meet for the first time. The fastest midlane because the lane position is straight and also shorter, making the midlane very important to understand management. The side lane is a bit late for the minions to meet, but it’s no less important.

In contrast to LoL, the minions in Wild Rift are less likely to come out. In Wild Rift there will be 2 minion ranges and 3 melee minions. Later it will increase when the siege minions appear. You have to know how they will play an important role in the laning phase later.

Your minions can also get stronger. If you destroy your opponent’s tier 3 tower then your lane will be added with one more minion. These minions are called super minions, they are very strong and sick, different from other minions.

If you kill the Baron, all the team members who are alive will get this Baron buff. This buff makes you strengthen minions near you. The buffs for minions are very diverse, making them even stronger. HP +, ASPD +, damage +. MVSPD, and others.

Minion Push

Minions will have an important role when doing push. because you have to push your minions to the opponent’s tower, the point is to absorb damage and inflict damage. As long as your game is rolling, the minions will continue to get stronger.

Minions will get stronger based on the average level of your champion team, the turrets that fall, and also the Baron buff. You have to take this into account because if you are pushed and slumped in terms of level and turret, it will be very difficult to make a comeback if the enemy knows how to use it.

To Drive Minions

Apart from pushing, minions are also very useful in the laning phase. There is a timer that you must pay attention to as well as the position of your minions because there are important things for you to master here.

Unlike other mobile, in Wild Rift you have to shop for items at the base, you can’t do it carelessly. Because of this, you have to go home to buy and then return to the lane in no time. With minion push you can take advantage of this.

If you plan to go home and buy items, then push your minions. Quickly clearing the wave, the next minion wave that will come is still far away, you can use a few seconds or even minutes to go home.

Roxy / Minion Cut

You can also use several strategies to encourage minions. If generally you clean your opponent’s minions quickly either through skill or damage areas, there is also something called a proxy. This proxy is somewhat different from other laning. If regular laning requires you to be behind a minion, then proxies are more aggressive.

You have to intercept the opponent’s minions, usually you enter between the opponent’s tier 1 and 2 turrets to intercept the minions and quickly clean them up. This is because if you intercept the minion and immediately clean it, your opponent cannot hold your minion. Your minions will immediately break into the turret or have to be stopped by the opposing champion.

Some of the advantages you get here are more aggressive pushing and also a high chance of losing your last hit. They will be difficult to last hit because the minions that are sometimes attacked by the turret damage are too high, unless your opponent understands the tempo of the turret’s damage to the minion.

Minion Target System / Aggro

In general, minions will continue to run until they meet opposing minions, unless there are other targets while walking. But there is also a target system that you must pay attention to, especially in laning.

In laning there is a priority of the minion system which will be very useful. You can abuse this if you have very high abilities. For those of you who are curious about how Minion Priority works, see below.

Minion Priority

  • The Enemy of champions attack friend champions
  • Enemy minions that attack friend champions
  • The Enemy of minions attack friend minions
  • Enemy turrets attack friend minions
  • Enemy of champions attack friend minions
  • Nearest minions
  • The closest champion

It’s actually quite simple, let’s say that if you are a threat then the minions will focus on you, and vice versa. This also applies to skills and spells, if you injure their guard (champion) then the minion will aggro to the person threatening their champion.

Freeze Lane Way

Now we are going to talk about a mechanism that will be very complicated if you don’t understand the basics of minions beforehand. If you read this far, make sure you understand the basics of laning, minion and aggro.

Keep in mind that this technique will be very complicated, and not even very effective when playing solo, unless you are superior or at least equal to the enemy. Freezing when left in the solo you better forget it, unless your opponent doesn’t understand.

Freezing as the name implies, will make your lane “frozen”. Basically to freeze, all you have to do is the last hit at the smallest point. Sounds easy, but it’s not just that. It should also pay attention to your opponent as well. If your opponent issues a skill, you follow. Enemies clear quickly, follow too. Always balance your lane with the opponent’s.

If you are too aggressive then your lane will be pushed, if you are passive then you will be pushed. Freezing also sometimes hurts players because it is not uncommon when you are too focused on freezing you miss a few last hits, which ultimately makes you fall behind in gold too.

How To Freeze

Depending on where you want to freeze, the methods are different. Not only your minions, because you also have to manipulate your opponent’s minions. With proper freezing, you can get a good advantage.

But remember if you are freezing, watch out for the next minion wave too. You get pushed too much so your minion will arrive first, allowing for lane swinging. Too much push will be the other way around, unless you really plan to do it.

To make it easier, always pay attention to the total HP of your minions and your opponents. If your minion is healthy then you might be the one who pushes it. Conversely, if the enemy will be pushed when doing laning standards. Freezing will be useful here because you can control where the minions will fight.

The attached picture is taken from mobalytics so you can calculate where the right minion is for you to freeze. In general, you want to be in position 0 because this position is very neutral and you have a vision of the minion towards the river if you are afraid to be ganged.

There are also other positions that you have to calculate. Things like the number of minions or freeze position will be very important. For example, even though your minions meet at 0, if there is still a minion range left at 1, it could be pushed. It could be a good thing, or vice versa depending on your strategy later.

Minions Are Your Weapons In The Early Game

Maybe you have felt that fighting at level 3 and below is tasteless, but because of the help of minions you can lose. This is because the small defence at the beginning of the game can be used by minions. Roughly speaking, one wave minion feels like an additional hero. Therefore, don’t be too aggressive if you don’t want to be hit by aggro minions.

You can also thin out your opponent’s minions. Since there is no deny on Wild Rift and LoL, you can setup it while playing. Things like making all the opposing minions die without killing them, and letting them brush a little can be your aggro solution. But pay attention not to miss the last hit later.

Mid Lane

The mid lane is a bit complicated compared to the side lane due to differences in position. What makes it really complicated is that this lane is short. So sometimes when you haven’t finished setting the lane, there are more waves that have come to you. Therefore a good midlaner can make your opponent difficult.

Not only that, most of the champion are rarely tank. So taking a minion tank for the freezing lane is no easy feat. But doing push is actually relatively easier because of the high midline damage.

The difference with side line may be a smaller area and a faster minion. So you have to be alert and responsive when playing in the midline compared to other lines.

When To Freeze

When to freeze will depend on your situation. We will briefly summarize below:

  • If you think you are going to a jungler gang, freeze near your tower
  • When the lane “loses”, freeze your lane to make it profitable
  • When the enemy recalls, freeze your lane so it doesn’t bounce or reset and benefit your opponent


We have mentioned when to recall above, but this also has an effect with freezing before. The right recall is when you push the enemy. With this, you can take advantage of a wider time lag to pick up items and heal.

Depending on how many minions you leave behind, it will also differ how long you can recall and also the freezing location later. Try to take a balance in the lane so that later you don’t have to bother when you return to your respective lane.


Matchups between heroes will also affect your lane management. Depending on the champion you are using, there will also be different management and laning methods. We will give examples of laning matchups between two champions on Baron lane, because it’s easier.

Nasus VS Garen

Let’s discuss about popular example of laning, Nasus versus Garen.

  • Nasus needed a lot of last hits with his Siphon and Garen was a rather thick champion, almost impossible to bully Garen.
  • Nasus that requires a last hit is better off freezing near the tower.
  • The optimal one is near the tower but not in the tower. With this it will be easier for Nasus to last hit and Garen doesn’t dare to enter.
  • Nasus’ slow is also useful if Garen enters the tower or if Nasus wants to chase Garen because of the longer lane distance to escape.
  • By freezing near Garen tower it is also easier to gank because your jungler can enter from the river.
  • Nasus is a scaling champion, the most important thing is to play it safe and not push the lane too much.


That’s the basics of Wild Rift wave management as well as a very useful freezing technique. Remember that this is just the basics because there are other things like push, halt, proxies, and others which we will discuss later.

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