Zed Mid Lane Build Item LOL Mobile Wild Rift

Zed is a champion who has strong skills in attacking enemies from afar and this some item that you have to know from zed mid lane build item.


As a mid laner, you must be able to clear lanes and help other lanes quickly. You can use a champion who can clear lanes quickly like a mage, or a champion who can flank easily like an assassin. With the mid laner, you can fight enemies more easily. Here we will provide tips about champions in the wild rift.

Zed is a champion who has strong skills in attacking enemies from a distance. His skill in zoning makes it difficult for enemy champions to do farming. Not only that, his burst skills make it easy to defeat enemies, so you can get kills easily.

Not only how to play is important in playing, but also build items. Zed is a champion who relies on skills from a distance and can provide burst damage. So, you can use items that can help him increase his damage when fighting enemies. There are also items that can give him life steal, can help him fight enemies and maintain his blood.


Zed’s build item is indeed quite difficult to choose. Here are suggestions for build items from my esports that you can try based on my playing experience:

  • Youmuu’s Ghostblade
  • Gluttonous Greaves
  • Duskblade of Draktharr
  • Black Cleaver
  • Death’s Dance
  • Guardian Angel
  • Quicksilver Enchant

This has been summarized by Esportsku so that you can read it more easily. With this build item, you can play better using zed in the wild rift.

Here we will provide tips regarding the Zed Mid Lane Item Build in Wild Rift, which you can use. If you are confused about the item build, you can try the item build based on our experience below.


Youmuu’s ghostblade

Items that can provide damage and cd reduction for zed who are active in using skills. This item also has armor penetration that can penetrate enemies and skill items that can provide magic damage. This item also has skills that can increase your attack speed, allowing you to attack enemies faster.

Gluttonous greaves

This boots item will help you increase your blood when attacking enemies. Of the many boots, it looks like this one is very suitable for Zed who can deal damage easily. So, the hook can attack the enemy and fill the blood simultaneously. Even though it’s only 8%, this item can help you quite well.


Duskblade of draktharr

This one item can also provide cd reduction and damage for Zed. The armor pen of this item can also help you attack enemies. If the enemy uses a strong armor item, kailan can make up for it easily. This item also has a skill that can increase your damage when it is not visible from the enemy for 1 second. So, you can give a surprise effect to the enemy, and give high damage.


Black cleaver

This item has high enough damage and cd reduction. When you attack the enemy, you will have an armor down effect. So, you can beat the enemy faster. Not only that, you will also get additional movement speed when attacking enemies and defeating champions who last for 2 seconds.


Death’s dance

This one item will provide a physical vamp that helps you increase blood. This item also has damage and cd reduction that helps you attack enemies. You can also get physical vamp. So, every time you attack an enemy with physical damage, you will get a heal of 10% of the damage you give.


Guardian angel

This one item can be used as a deterrent when you attack the enemy. This item will help you receive damage that can make you die. So, when your blood hits 0, you will come back to life with 50% blood and 30% mana after the next 4 seconds. So, you still have time to run or attack the enemy again. This item has a long cooldown, so you better use it well.


Quicksilver enchant

This one item is an enchantment from the boots you bought earlier. The active skill of this item is enough to help you in eliminating cc. So, when you are hit by a cc that can stop your movements such as stun or immobile, you can use this item skill to eliminate the cc.


Those are tips regarding the Zed Mid Lane Item Build in the Wild Rift, which can help you use zed in the wild rift. If you are confused about the build items, you can use the build items that we recommend.

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