3 New Champion LOL Wild Rift December Can Change Meta?

Maybe for those who don't know or new players are confused, who are these three heroes and what roles we will explain below later.


With the 1.1 update, there are certainly many interesting things starting from buf / nerf and new mechanics. But there is something to look forward to, namely the 3 new Wild Rift champions to come. They are Darius, Draven, and Wukong which could be a threat to many WR players.

Maybe for those who don’t know or new players are confused, who are these three heroes and what roles we will explain below later. Actually, these three heroes can change meta because of their impact, especially Darius and Draven who are predicted to be the best in their roles and lanes.

These three heroes are highly recommended to be obtained, so if you save Blue Motes, you must buy one of them. But with the event running you can get Darius and Draven for free which is perfect for those of you who are curious.


Here, let’s talk about the 3 upcoming Wild Rift champions. It is possible to change the meta, they may become a very strong power pick.


3 New Wild Rift Champions Can Change Meta

In patch 1.1 some changes will come, but the main ones are champions. There are three champions that you can use, namely Darius, Draven, and Wukong. That means we get 2 baron laners and also one ADC which is quite interesting considering we have a lot of baron laners in Wild Rift.

The reason is because Darius is a terrible champion on the top lane. He is a lane bully and can easily count many champions. He can play very aggressively just like Draven which we will explain.

Draven at LoL is arguably the best ADC champion. Compared to other ADCs, Draven is an all in full damage champion. Which means that it will be terrible when the commit is in fight.

Meta in the future may change to be more aggressive and fast pace because of these two champions. With the change in the CDR mechanism, now CDR stacking can be more effective. Draven will benefit here to adjust his skill uptime.

In high rank, it might change more rapidly even though some burst champions like Zed, Ahri, and others are still selling well.

That’s the new Wild Rift champion that is coming and it might rock the meta. It could be even more exciting in the future, so try picking up one of the newest champions later.


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