Total Size League Of Legends Mobile Wild Rift

Wild Rift is still a beta game that hasn't been updated much. Here we have information about the Total Size League Of Legends Wild Rift.


Wild Rift is currently running a beta test. Those of you who have received permission to play, can download Wild Rift in the Play store. It looks like the game this time is quite busy to play, and is quite popular among mobile games too. However, many are still confused about downloading it, regarding the size in the application after installing it. Here we will discuss about the wild rift game.

There have been lots of people playing the wild rift because they had pre-registered long ago. For those of you who may not currently be able to download wild rift, you can try to pre-register it. Maybe, a week after that you can get permission to play the wild rift game.


If you want to download Wild Rift on your cellphone, but are still unsure about the size of the game, you don’t need to worry. Because, because this game is still in beta stage and not long ago, this game doesn’t eat up much of your cellphone’s memory like a game that has had many updates. Even so, there is still memory that you have to prepare first before you install the game.


The total size of wild rift is not that big than you might think. If you want to know the size, you can see it below:


  1. Download Application (500mb)
  2. Update (1.74gb)
  3. Total (2gb +)

Here we will discuss the Total Size League Of Legends Wild Rift. If you have any doubts about how many sizes of this game you need for your cellphone to install. Here we will give you the total and how much memory you need.


Download The Application

When you want to download the application, you need 200MB of memory. If you have more than 200MB you can still download this game. You have to know, the 200MB is compressed. So, you will need more memory to play the wild rift.



When you enter the wild rift application after installing, you are required to download a file of approximately 1.74 GB. The required update is quite large because this game has high enough graphics. However, compared to other mobile games, this size is still relatively small. Unlike mobile legends which have reached more than 4gb, Wild Rift still hasn’t made a big update for download.


Total Downloads

The total file size you really need is 1.96 GB. Due to the various updates that come with nerf buffs and fixes, it is likely that the total file will be approximately 1.96 GB.

If you want to download the wild rift game, at least you need an empty memory size of up to 3 GB

This can still continue to increase considering that Wild Rift is very active in adding content. Especially the beta stage alone has reached such a large number. So for those of you who want to play Wild Rift in the long run, it’s better to prepare enough storage for this game.

That way, you can play wild rift games more easily. Because, usually if you download a game but your memory is covered or wants to run out, the download will fail. Instead of you downloading again, it’s better for you to empty your cellphone memory first.


That’s the info about the Total Size League Of Legends Wild Rift, which you should know before installing. If you are still confused about downloading it, you can see the many sizes you need. With that, you can download it properly. Also Follow Our Social Media on Instagram Esportsku!