5 Champion Counter Dairus LOL Wild Rift

What makes Darius so strong on the lane is his harass, trades, and solo kill capability. He is strong in these three aspects.


Darius is a terrible top champion thanks to his harass, he is a trader who always benefits. But there are some Darius Wild Rift champion counters that are quite effective and you can use them if you want. They can fight Darius more effectively than the others.

What makes Darius so strong on the lane is his harass, trade, and solo kill capability. He is strong in these three aspects which are very important for solo laners. It’s hard to win lane against Darius and if you don’t understand how to fight him, you will often be forced to go home.

But at least we will give here 5 champions who might be able to help you fight Darius. The champions here are very strong during the laning phase or in general fighting against Darius in the Wild Rift.

  • Akali
  • Olaf
  • Jax
  • Tryndamere
  • Fiora

Here, let’s discuss the champion counter of Darius Wild Rift. For those of you who might be a bit annoyed against Darius, whose job is to be a bully on the lane, take it easy because these champions are strong enough for those of you who are tired of being bullied by him. Quite effective overall for your game.



Akali can be one of the main counters against Darius throughout the game. This is thanks to Akali’s build and damage which is suitable against Darius who is too focused on AR. Besides that Akali also has good mobility and poke, Darius, who is weak against kiting, is very weak against Akali.



Olaf is the king of the early game. In Wild Rift nothing can beat the early olaf games, not even Lee Sin. Fighting Darius in the early game was easy for him and even in the late game too. The reason is because Olaf has a lot of sustain from anti-CC to terrible lifesteal.



Jax is actually the same as Darius, in the Lanin phase he is a very annoying bully lane. Fighting Darius is not a difficult thing for Jax considering he has high damage and counters. The counter is very useful when fighting Darius to avoid his high damage.



When the laning phase, maybe you could say this matchup is very balanced, maybe even slightly leaning towards Darius. But after the laning phase, Tryndamere was stronger because Darius couldn’t control this champion. Tryndamere has high sustain and damage and this is very useful.



Fiora is clear that it’s easy to dominate the laning phase. Even fighting Darius while Fiora can avoid Darius’ pulling skill will be even easier. Fiora has high damage, good sustain, and can also avoid damage and CC which is very strong.


Those are some of the Darius Wild Rift champion counters that you can use. They are very strong and of course they really benefit when used against Darius. Throughout the game there is no need to be afraid to fight it anymore.


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