Build Item And Rune Miss Fortune Support Wild Rift

Miss Fortune is a champion archer who usually becomes adc, but can also be a support.There are many choices of items that you can use in the wild rift.


There are many choices of items that you can use in the wild rift, allowing you to increase the strength of the champions you are using. Each item has a different stat increase, and some items have active or passive skills that you can use. Therefore, this is very important to use for your champion. Here we will provide tips on champions and build items in the wild rift.

Miss Fortune is a champion archer who usually becomes ADC, but can also be a support. This champion has a strong poke skill with a wide AOE , allowing him to attack enemies from a distance easily. Not only that, the burst damage it has cannot be underestimated. Miss Fortune will become stronger, if she attacks different enemies. From passivity, the attacks it has will increase.

Miss Fortune can be a support if you use the right build items and rune sets. Here are the build and runes items that you can try:


  • Electrocute
  • Weakness
  • Regeneration
  • Pack Hunter

Item Build

  • Luden’s Echo
  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity
  • Infinity Orb
  • Morellonomicon
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap
  • Locket Enchant

Here we will provide tips regarding Miss Fortune Support Item Build and Rune in Wild Rift, which you can try. By using this build and runes item, you can use miss fortune as support even better.



The rune used by this miss fortune uses runes that can provide burst damage. Even though he is a support, miss fortune can still deal high enough damage to attack the enemy. That way, the enemy will find it difficult to do farming later. Here are the runes that you can use.



This rune can provide additional damage when you attack the enemy using a miss fortune. Even though you are a support, you can give quite high damage using this rune. As you know, miss fortune is very strong in giving poke and burst damage. So this run would suit him very well.



By giving a slow effect, the enemy will receive more damage than this rune. You can attack enemies and inflict greater damage if you use this rune. Of course, as support you can help the team weaken the enemy.



This rune will give you additional mana regeneration and health. When you play as support, of course you have to be on the lane longer.

When your blood is more than mana, you will get 2% mana regen. However, if you have more mana than blood, you will get an additional 2% Health regen. You can take advantage of this buff, and play on the lane longer.


Hunter Pack

Runes that will provide additional movement speed for you and your friends around you. With this, you can run faster in farming or roaming.

This rune will also give you additional gold if you kill different champions. You will get 50 gold, so you can get 250 gold bonus at most. Champions who are near you or who help assist or kill also get the gold bonus.



Item Build

The build item used by Miss Fortune Support is different from being ADC. Usually he uses critical hit items or attack damage items, here you can make it more burst by using AP items.


Luden’s Echo

Items that will provide additional ability power and cool down reduction for using skills. The skills you use will get sicker, and also you can use skills faster. So, you can damage enemies more often.

You can collect stacks of this item, by walking or using skills. When your stack is full or 100, your next skill attack will give additional damage to nearby enemies. So, you can inflict more damage on multiple enemies at once.


Ionian Boots of Lucidity

The right shoe item for you to use, if you play relying on skill. This item will not only increase the movement speed you have, but will also provide additional cooldown reduction. So, you can use skills faster.


Liandry’s Thorment

Items that will provide additional blood and power abilities are perfect for increasing damage and durability. This item will also provide a high enough DoT, the enemies you attack with damage skills. To provide additional damage, this item is perfect for you. This item can also help you reduce enemy blood, especially tanks with high HP.


Infinity Orb

Items that will provide the ability power and movement speed, so you can roam faster. This item will also provide additional magic penetration, so your ability attacks can penetrate enemy armor. Also, if you attack an enemy whose blood level is below 35%, you will get additional crit.



This one item will give you additional power abilities and magic penetration. So, you can deal higher damage and also penetrate enemy armor more easily. This item can also give Grievous Wounds effect on enemies.

Grievous Wounds are a debuff, which reduces healing received. So, if the enemy is hit by this debuff, they will receive less healing than usual. If you fight an enemy with high healing, this item will be very suitable for you to use.


Rabadon’s Detahcap

Items that will increase your ability power completely. You will get additional ability power which is very high, and also item effects that will increase your ability power from the many ability power you have. So, the more ability power you have, the greater the effect of this item.


Locket Enchant

The enchantment item of this shoe will be very suitable to be used to guard your team. The skill of this item will provide shields to users and other team members. So, you can withstand enemy attacks more easily.


Those are tips regarding Miss Fortune Support Item Build and Rune in Wild Rift, which you can try. By using this item, maybe you can use the miss fortune more easily. This build and role item is a bit of a troll, so it’s a good idea to use it for fun.


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