3 New Wild Rift Champion And Lots Of Freebies!

December 8, that Oceania, Taiwan, and Vietnam can finally play Wild Rift officially! For Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Russia, CIS on 10 December.


Starting at the end of the year, this December Wild Rift has finally spread its wings. In this December Wild Rift event, there will be lots of interesting things. Starting from 3 new champions, free skins, free champs and others. There is even good news for other regions.

On December 8, it seems that Oceania, Taiwan, and Vietnam can finally play Wild Rift officially! For Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Russia, CIS, and Turkey can play Wild Rift on 10 December. Unfortunately, the NA and India regions can only play in early 2021 which is still quite a long time.


For ADC players and Baron laner, this is because Draven, Darius, and Wukong have finally come to Wild Rift. For Draven and Darius, they are no longer surprised, because they did appear in the Wild Rift. But Wukong unexpectedly came and before Teemo.

Here, let’s discuss the December Wild Rift event which will certainly be interesting for you to take part in. This is mandatory, not to be missed because you can get several champions and skins for free! Will regret it later if it is passed right.


Darius and Draven

Finally, the Noxian brothers came back to the Wild Rift. At this event you will have the opportunity to get Darius and Draven for free! Besides that, you can also get various prizes such as backgrounds, emblems, and other interesting things.

The method is quite easy. You only need to do and complete a few given missions. These missions have also been in the Wild Rift for quite a while because the event lasts until the end of the month. So for those of you who might be busy at the end of the year, this event is taken for granted.


Wukong Come To Wild Rift

Wukong the Monkey King finally came to the Wild Rift. For those of you LoL players, you must understand how this one champion is often frustrating. Wukong is a champion who usually fills the top lane thanks to his good sustain and damage. A strong duelist thanks to his skillset.


New Skin

  • Volcanic Wukong
  • Stell Legion Garen
  • Soul Reaver Draven
  • Queen Ashe
  • Primetime Draven
  • High Noon Draven
  • Academy Draven


Rank Season Reward

December also marks the end of the season. For all players who play rank, they will be given prizes according to the highest rank they have achieved. As for the prizes, not many people know so try to aim for the highest rank.


That’s the December Wild Rift event which you absolutely must play. You can get lots of interesting things from this one event. Don’t miss it for sure.


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