Rune And Build Item Wukong Wild Rift

This build is made to be somewhat similar to the build in LoL which is quite strong at Diamond rank and above. wukong will come out in december 2020.


Wukong, who will come out in December 2020 with Darius and Draven, is certainly interesting to research. He is a top laner who sometimes fills the jungle even though it is a bit rare. With the runes and build items of Wukong Wild Rift, of course he can be very strong.

This build is made to be somewhat similar to the build in LoL which is quite strong at Diamond rank and above. But since there are some runes and items missing, we will make a little different. But of course it will be very strong thanks to Wukong who does have a solid skill set.


For those who are curious about what a very strong Wukong build looks like, we will provide it below. Wukong is a formidable top laner, can take a lot of damage but can still do a lot of damage too.



  • Electrocute
  • Brutal
  • Hunter Titan
  • Hunter Genius

Item Build

  • Youmuu’s Ghostblade
  • Mercury Treads
  • Black Cleaver
  • Sterak’s Gage
  • Death’s Dance
  • Guardian Angel
  • Teleport Enchantment

Esportsku made build Wukong that might be able to help you. Keep in mind, this bruiser and somewhat sustainable build. Wukong also has a build on hit that takes advantage of his 1st skill, but is easily countered at high rank.

Here, let’s discuss the runes and build items of Wukong Wild Rift that can help you play. When you have Wukong, you can immediately try using this build for terrible top laner hero. Often times those who are not ready to fight Wukong will be in great trouble.





Electrocute will be very strong for Wukong thanks for bonus damage from this rune that is easily activated by him. You can use other runes like Conqueror, but they are less powerful than electrocute. The Wukong combo was terrible to run.



Brutal could be best choice for Wukong too. The reason is clear, the damage offered is very high, especially penetration. You can use Triumph or Hunter Vampirism depending on your needs. But Brutal will be your first choice in this build.


Hunter Titan

Titan can be a strong choice for Wukong if you are aiming slightly higher sustain. The problem that Wukong was very weak when locked and exposed to CC. The additional tenacity of this rune wasn’t too bad for him. The additional HP is also quite high if you are actively looking for kills.


Genius Hunter

For the last rune slot, Wukong is actually very free to choose here. Almost everything is not so good but not so bad either. Your main choices here are Genius for CDR, Mastermind for objectives, and Sweet Tooth if you need additional gold from the fruit.



Item Build

For build items, this time we will provide a some combination of sustain and damage. We’re not going to focus on build on hits which are actually not that bad, but sometimes they lack consistency and are often easy to counter. But if you want, you can enter a few items here.


Youmuu’s Ghostblade

For the first item, actually Wukong has two choices. Generally, in this build you will take Youmu for high stat damage and also its effects. You get penetration and also the momentum effect which is easily ignited by Wukong. But Trinity Force isn’t so bad either if you want to use it.


Mercury Treads

Wukong’s main weaknesses are CC, lock and burst. These shoes at least cover some of Wukong’s weaknesses and well worth taking. But if you play and don’t fight mage or champ MR, you can change it to Ninja Tabi. It just depends on the situation.


Black Cleaver

Black Cleaver is perfect for Wukong because of his skillet which has many hits. Wukong’s combos and skills are full of multi hits that can easily activate the Black Cleaver. Besides that, the main reason is because the stats offered are very suitable for Wukong.


Strerak’s Gage

Stack is almost mandatory for many damage champions. The high HP suited Wukong. Not only that, Wukong who needs damage will be assisted by the Heavy Handed effect. Lifeline is also very useful considering that the shield at low HP will help him.


Death’s Dance

Death’s Dance apart from offering splendid stats with HP, AD, and CDR also has a very good effect. Wukong will get a less bad lifesteal and also a Cauterize effect. This effect helps Wukong sustain even higher.


Guardian Angel

For this last slot, Wukong is almost free to pick up any item as long as he helps this build. The main thing is to take the Guardian Angel for stats and effects. Other items such as Maw of Malmortius and Mortal Reminder can be alternatives for you.


Teleport Enchantment

Teleport is of course almost mandatory for solo laners, especially top lane. With this rune you can have better lane control which is very helpful. The other enchants aren’t so bad either, depending on your needs.


Those are the runes and build items of Wukong Wild Rift that might help you play Wukong later. He is very strong and indeed tough when played properly. But losing to champion lock is also CC.


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