Here 5 Interesting Facts About Venti on Genshin Impact

This time we want to talk about some interesting facts about the character Venti in Genshin Impact that you may not know.


For those of you who follow the story of the world of Teyvat in Genshin Impact, the figure of Archon is very important in shaping the civilization of the people there.

Of the select few Archons, there are those that are thousands of years old. And fortunately, Traveler has met these 2 very old Archons, namely Anemo Archon or Venti and Geo Archon or Zhongli.


Here are 5 interesting facts about Venti on Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is starting to get a variety of five-star characters. Luckily, Mihoyo has done an amazing job of ensuring that each character has a distinct personality.

Venti is the archon anemo, and the first character to appear when starting the game. He currently uses his mortal form and earns a living as a poet telling the story of the battles he has pursued and the challenges of his friends.

Despite his role as an archon, Venti is very free-spirited, likes to spend his time drinking, and has a very relaxed personality. Besides that, what are some interesting facts that can be found from the figure of Venti?


He Loves Simple Things

Venti isn’t really interested in luxury or complicating things. Even the mortal form he held was only chosen because it was the same as the friend from the past.

Venti prefers to wander the streets of Mondstadt as a simple poet than to let his true identity be known to those around him. Venti doesn’t seem interested in mora, and the only thing he likes is a drink at the Tavern.


He likes to bother Zhongli

Venti and Zhongli are the two oldest archons in Teyvat. They worked together during the war, and Venti visited Zhongli frequently. Zhongli seems to enjoy being with Venti, but the two have opposite personalities.

Zhongli always seemed to be the target of the anemo archon’s mischief. From Zhongli’s story, players could tell that the archons used to gather.


He’s actually quite nosy

One thing Venti likes is making fun of other people. This may not have happened much to the citizens of Mondstadt, but when it comes to other archons, Venti is quite naughty. He likes to try to get reactions from Zhongli and even likes breaking cryo archons.

It’s safe to say that Venti wasn’t really afraid of the other archons.


He Hates Cheese

Surprisingly, Venti couldn’t stand the taste of cheese. This may be because he enjoys a sweeter taste, but he is disgusted by the product. In her voice over, she calls cheese sticky and messy, which may point to the fact that she hates things like jam too.

Venti seemed to want to avoid the Travelers when they consumed items with cheese on them.


He Knows A Lot About Albedo

There has been a lot of speculation about Albedo, especially since the players found out that he was a danger to Mondstadt. Venti also elaborated on Albedo and admitted that one day she might endanger the city.

However, he also admits that the danger will occur through the city decision. It seems that even with his carefree spirit, Venti knows what’s going on in his city.


Those are the interesting facts from Venti in the world of Genshin Impact. As a figure with immense strength, he had a very loose personality, as if he was not attached to anything. The author is very curious about the continuation of the Lyre story which was taken by Barbara at Church, what reaction will be shown on Barbara’s face if she finds the instrument damaged again?


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