Location of the Cecilia Flower in Genshin Impact

Got Venti and Albedo? This is the location of Cecilia's only flower in Genshin Impact! Cecilia is one of the flowers that you can find in a high place.


Looking for the location of the Cecilia Flower in Genshin Impact? You usually need Cecilia to ascend several characters in Genshin Impact, for those who have trouble finding it, you can use the following route.

Cecilia is one of the flowers that you can find in a high place. In the game Genshin Impact itself, it is found in Starsnatch Cliff, which is the only place that grows this flower.

Cecilia can be used to Ascend material for several characters who have origins in Mondstadt. Some of the characters who need Cecilia for materials are Venti and Albedo. In the future, it might increase.


Location of the Cecilia Flower in Genshin Impact

You can get Cecilio’s flowers on the Mondstandt map, precisely in an area called Starsnatch Cliff. Starsnatch Cliff itself is the highest hill in the city of Mondstandt.

To get it you can go to the nearest Tower Waypoint and then go along the Starsnatch Cliff. The best way to get to all of Cecilia’s is to circle Starsnatch Cliff.


Because the Starsnatch Cliff area is quite large, making it difficult to find all of Cecilia. You can rotate from the edge of the Starsnatch Cliff area and then look for it towards the middle.

Finally, after the Starsnatch Cliff area runs out, you can go to the top of the Thausand Winds Temple, there are some Cecilia flowers that you can get.



When will Cecilia’s Flower Respawn in Genshin Impact?

You can get Cecilia’s flowers back after farming every 2-3 days. But don’t worry. To ascend a character up to Level 80, just farm 3 times. Then to increase to level 90 requires farming 4-5 times.

Apart from Starsnatch Cliff, there is no other location in the city of Mondstadt that has a spot to get Cecilia’s flowers. Therefore, the only place for those of you who want to get lots of cecilia is Starsnatch Cliff.



That’s all regarding the location of Cecilia’s flowers in Genshin Impact, which you must enter into a farming reoute, especially those with Venti or Albedo characters in Genshin Impact. Hopefully the daiats review can be useful for those of you who are GI gamers. Look forward to more interesting information about other Genshin Impact games only on Esportsku.