Rune And Build Item Alistar LOL Wild Rift

Himself in the laning phase cannot be underestimated. With Alistar's skillset, you will play more aggressively using it.There are many choices of tankers.


There are many choices of tankers that you can use in Wild Rift, one of which is Alistar. With Alistar Wild Rift’s runes and build items, which certainly suits him very well. Alistar is a very strong champion with its CC. Moreover, he who is very sustainable is a terrible thing.

Himself in the laning phase cannot be underestimated. With Alistar’s skillset, you will play more aggressively using it. Unlike other tankers who are somewhat passive, you have to open up opportunities constantly.

You will be more active in trying to open up opportunities to make your ADC more comfortable. With this, Alistar can be the right tanker for Poke ADCs. He can open fights or ganks consistently and also gives terrible CC to opponents.


For those who are curious about how to build a complete Alistar, we will give it to you here. This build includes runes and items which are very suitable for Alistar. You can also try it in the game later.



  • Aftershock
  • Weakness
  • Spirit Walker
  • Pack Hunter

Item Build

  • Winter’s Approach
  • Mercury’s Treads
  • Zeke’s Convergence
  • Thornmail
  • Randuin’s Omen
  • Warmog’s Armor
  • Gargoyle Enchant

Here, let’s discuss the runes and build items for Alistar Wild Rift. Alistar is one terrible tanker if you know how to use it. If right, he can create many opportunities for the team. One of those terrible aggressive tankers.



For Alistar, he has a wide selection of runes, but try to focus on the options below. You will focus on the CC runes and the tankiness from Alistar, which are expected to help when playing later. With this rune you have to play more actively.



Aftershock is a very apt rune for Alistar thanks to its powerful effect. With this Aftershock effect, all of Alistar’s CC will be very solid. AR and MR bonuses as well as damage will be very valuable when using this tanker in Wild Rift.



Just like shockwave, the Weakeness effect will be seen if you use CC based champ. almost all of Alistar’s skills are CC, activating the Weakness effect will be very easy because the high damage will continue to burn. Surely 5% in the late game will be very good.


Spirit Walker

This rune was actually quite free for Alistar, but Spirit Walker wasn’t that bad to use. You will take advantage of the slow resistance effect which will be very helpful. Especially when against a team with a lot of slow CC.


Hunter Pack

As a support rune this will be felt. You will stick with your team members, especially the ADC. The hunter pack effect will be very good to use and can help from MVSPD and gold. Can be changed to another, but this is optimal for use.



Item Build

It is clear that the business of build items will definitely focus on tank support. The mandatory items are not far from the other tankers, so there isn’t much that can be changed in the build. Maybe if against many APs will be replaced some because this build focuses on fighting AD.


Winter’s Approach

The Winter Approach is very strong for tankers and support. Even since its nerf in 1.1, this item is still very suitable for use by tankers. With high armor and also when upgrading to winter it will feel very strong.


Mercury’s Treads

For the choice of shoes, Alistar can freely have many choices. Generally, he uses Mercury for one reason, tenacity. Alistar must not be hit by a big CC and lose impact in the fight, therefore he must be able to keep moving and messing up the team fight.


Seke’s Convergence

Zeke’s is a support item that has high potential in Alistar’s hands. The effect of this item has a very strong synergy where Alistar will have a stronger ult. It cannot be changed to other items because it has a very good sustain stat and also a strong item effect.



As a frontline tanker he will need high sustain and Thornmail offers this. You get high HP and armor which is useful. Not only that, the Thorns and Griveous Wound effects are also very useful when playing on the front lines.


Raduin’s Omen

Randuin’s Omen has a synergy that matches Thornmail whose armor effect is very useful. But not only that, in Alistar’s hands you will also take advantage of its anti crit effect which will be very strong against ADC and assassins in the late game.


Warmog’s Armor

For this item slot, it is actually quite free for you to choose. You can buy anti-AP items like Adaptive Helm or Abyssal Mask, of course you can. You can also items that you think are suitable. But Warmog is the most balanced and universal item. With this item, you will rarely come home.


Gargoyle Echant

For the enchantment you will need a Gargoyle to provide additional sustain. This enchantment will make Alistar very strong and very difficult to kill, especially in team fight. Damage reduced has no effect because Alistar only needs CC.


Those are the runes and build items for Alistar Wild Rift which might really help you to play Alistar. He is indeed very strong and is one of the best tankers currently on the Wild Rift. You can’t underestimate it!

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