Support And Champion Types LOL Wild Rift

Support is one of the roles in the wild rift, which is in charge of guarding the team with its support skills. this is support and champion in wild rift.


Support in the wild rift game is really needed, because it can keep the team well. With this role, ADC can do farming easily, and can lift the team to the maximum. By playing well, support can determine victory when playing. Here we will discuss about the champions in the wild rift that you should know.

Support is one of the roles in the wild rift, which is in charge of guarding the team with its support skills. Each support has a different way of helping the team. Some have high defense to withstand enemy attacks, others have buffs that can increase team strength. By utilizing the skills they have, you can more easily maintain the team.

There is support that can provide heal, there is also support that can provide buff. Skills on support can help the team fight enemies. Some can strengthen team attacks, some can weaken the enemy. Therefore, each support has a different type.


Many supports that you can use, have their respective types. You can see the support below:

Crowd Control

  • Lux
  • Ashe
  • Janna

Heal / Buff

  • Sona
  • Seraphine
  • Soraka


  • Alistar
  • Braum
  • Amumu


Here we will provide tips regarding Support and Champion Types in Wild Rift, which you can try. By using this champion, you can easily become support.


Support And Champion Types In Wild Rift

There are lots of supports that you can use in the wild rift, making many choices in keeping the team. Some can provide heal, withstand enemy attacks, and some can even limit enemy movements. With all these types of support, you can better maintain your team. Here we will list the types of support you can try along with the champions.

There are many types of support with different skills for you to use. Each champion has its own advantages and disadvantages for you to know.


Crowd Control Support

This support champion relies on crowd control skills to limit enemy movements. Skills such as stun, root or slow are one of the main weapons in attacking enemies. However, the problem is, sometimes these champions don’t have high durability. So that makes it difficult to withstand enemy attacks.

Usually a champion who uses CC support on his team, a champion on the baron lane has high durability. So it will be balanced in resisting enemy attacks, and can attack enemies more easily.

There are also many champions who can support Crowd Control, here we will list the champions:



Lux has strong cc skills, making him a champion support. He can provide root and slow effects, also has a skill shield to help his friends to withstand enemy attacks. Lux also has skills that can be used to see bushes, so you can tell if the bush is there or not. Because, his skill in setting traps can be used as additional vision.



Ashe, who actually became ADC, was also able to support with different build items and how to play. Ashe can have a slow effect on his basic attack, allowing him to attack enemies and reduce their movement speed. Ashe also has vision skills to see around easily, as well as the ultimate global to attack enemies from a distance.



Janna is a cc support that can also provide shield and heal. One of the supports with complete skills, making it a top support tier. Janna has skills that can provide a wide range of airborne effects, as well as the skill to provide shields to friends. Janna can also give slow skills to enemies, so she can hinder her journey.


Heal / Buff

Heal and buff support rely on skills to raise the blood of friends and provide buffs to strengthen them. With this skill they have, you don’t need to worry about handling blood, and you can attack enemies with greater damage. What is the drawback of this champion, it is almost the same as CC support. Most of them have low durability, making it difficult to withstand enemy attacks.

Here we will provide a list of champions with heal / buff skills that you can try. The skills they have, can bring the team to keep blood and strengthen attacks.



Sona is a champion with strong heal and buff skills in the wild rift. He can provide heal and various buffs such as damage and movement speed. Sona also has a skill that can stop enemy movements, with a wide enough aoe, making it very suitable for use when team fight. However, Sona didn’t have a good enough escape skill. One of the skills that can help him to run from enemies is only his ultimate, with a very long cool down. This makes it very difficult to use.



Seraphine also has strong skills to be a support, and also has complete skills to guard teammates. He is actually one of the Crowd control champions, but he also has the heal and shield skills to protect the team. The skills he has are arguably complete, and organized with a fairly easy way of playing. It will be difficult for the enemy to attack, because seraphine has a strong poke skill.



Soraka is the best champion healer in the wild rift that you can use. Soraka doesn’t require mana to heal, but uses his blood to heal. Soraka can get health regen and movement speed buff when his damage skill hits enemies, and this buff can also be given to heal your champion friends. The heal that is given is high enough to be given, even the ultimate can give heal to one team wherever they are.



Tank support, is one of the champions who can withstand enemy attacks while playing, so that the team can attack safely. Usually this champion thank is equipped with a cc or buff skill, so that he can withstand the enemy longer. There are also many champions who usually play on lane barons, becoming support tanks with their durability.

The following is a list of champions that you can use as support tanks when playing wild rift. By utilizing the skills of this champion, you can help the team as good support.



Alistar is a champion who can become a support tank. He can attack enemies easily, and keeps himself safe from enemy attacks. This champion is quite difficult to beat. The durability of this support is very thick, so you can withstand enemy attacks more easily.


Braum is a champion tank that is very strong in resisting enemy attacks. This champion can be a strong shield against enemy attacks, with his shield skill. Not only that, he also has strong cc and poke skills in attacking enemies. Braum is actually very strong in team fight, with his shield and cc skills.



Amumu, who is usually a jungler, can also be a support tank. His skill in holding enemies and dealing damage makes him able to attack enemies easily. Not only that, he also has strong cc skills, to bind enemies around him. He can become one of the cc heroes too, but his skill in holding off enemies makes him more of a tank.


Those are the tips regarding Support and Champion Types in Wild Rift, which you can try. By using champion support, it will be easier for you to maintain your team. Because, with support, adc can do farming easily, and you can attack enemies well.