Build Item And Rune Akalia Baron Lane LOL Wild Rift

Akali is a champion assassin with a mix of physical and magical skills. this is build item and rune akalia baron lane lol mobile wild rift.


Baron lane is usually where champions play 1 on 1, with the skills they have. Not many can play on lane barons, because you have to be independent in farming. Most of the champions who play on the baron lane are very passive, so they don’t miss out on farming. Here we will discuss about the champions in the wild rift.

Akalia is a champion assassin with a mix of physical and magical skills. His attacks in attacking enemies require good coordination, but have fast movement. This makes him very strong against 1 on 1 enemies. Because of this, very strong intellect is used to play in lane barons. Not only does he have fast movement skills, he also doesn’t need mana when playing.

Baron lane is one lane that is quite difficult to play. Because, you must be able to fight against enemy champions in a duel, without anyone’s help. If you lose or get death, you will be left behind farming and it is difficult to return the situation. Therefore, the baron lane is often called the AFK lane.


Akalia can be a powerful off laner. You can see the build and run items below for reference:


  • Conqueror
  • Weakness
  • Spirit Walker
  • Manaflow Band

Item Build

  • Black Cleaver
  • Gluttonous Graves
  • Death’s Dance
  • Mortal Reminder
  • Gage Sterax
  • Guardian Angle
  • Glorius Enchant

Here we will provide tips regarding the Akalia Baron Lane Item Build and Rune in the Wild Rift, which you can try. By using this build and rune item, maybe you can get better at using tricks. Of course, you can replace.



The rune used by Akalia on the baron lane may be a little different from him in the mid lane, because it requires skill to be able to attack the enemy.



This Runa will help outsmart in attacking the enemy, because it can give additional damage when you attack the enemy. Akali will be greatly helped by this rune, because it can increase damage quite high.

Every time you attack an enemy, the attack damage it has will increase. This rune can be stacked up to 5 times, so you will continue to get high damage when attacking enemies. When the stack is full, Akalia will get additional damage to the champion.



Runes that will help you in attacking enemies. When outsmart gives a slow or immobile effect, the enemy will get bigger damage than usual. So, you can do more damage to the enemy.


Spirit Walker

This rune will provide additional blood to outsmart, and also slow resist. So, you can better defend your enemy’s attacks and also receive less slow. Usually the champions on the baron lane have slow skills which are quite annoying. So, with this rune, you can receive less slow.


Manaflow Band

This rune will increase which one has Akalia, so you can use skills without worrying about which one to use. To increase your mana, you only need to attack the enemy using skills. You can get a maximum of 300 mana from this rune.



Item Build

The build items used by Akalia are usually items that can increase his magic power. There are also items that can increase his basic attack, so that he can attack him even more painfully. Because, Akalia relies on his basic attacks to be able to provide additional damage. Therefore, he really needs items that can increase his attack damage as well.


Black Cleaver

This item will increase the damage and provide a cooldown reduction to outsmart. So, outsmart can do more damage and use skills faster. Because, in attacking the enemy, you have to use skills more actively.

This item will also reduce enemy armor when you attack the enemy. So, you can attack the enemy with greater damage. When you attack the enemy too, you will get additional movement speed. So, you can chase the enemy faster when attacking him.

Gluttonous Greaves

This one item will provide additional physical vamp for you. So, you can get blood when attacking enemies, which is very useful for maintaining your blood. This item will later be enchanted and the skill replaced with other skills, you can see the items at the bottom of the list later.


Death’s Dance

This item will provide additional damage and cooldown reduction like the previous item, so you can give higher damage. You will also get additional physical vamp to draw enemy blood. So, you can withstand enemy attacks on the lane baron later.


Mortal Reminder

This one item will provide additional damage and penetration armor. When you attack an enemy with this item, you can reduce the heal that the enemy receives, so that they get less heal. This item can also help you attack enemies using armor, thanks to its penetrating armor.


Sterax Gage

This one item will give you additional health to withstand enemy attacks. If your blood is below 35%, you will get a shield first. You can avoid enemy attacks more easily if you use this item. This item can only be used by melee champions, so you have to use it properly.


Guardian Angel

This item will be very suitable so that you can come back to life when you have lost to the enemy. Your blood will be recovered by 50% and your mana will increase by 30%. You have to use this item properly, because this item has a cooldown long enough to use.


Glorious Enchant

An active item that can be used to chase enemies. You can use the active skill of this item to chase the enemy, so you can play more actively. The movement speed you have will be increased when you chase the enemy, and will give a slow when you approach the enemy. Items that are very suitable for use for champion assassins like akali.


Those are the tips regarding Akalia Baron Lane’s Item Build and Rune in the Wild Rift, which you can try. By using this build and rune item, maybe you can play even better. However, if there are items that you think are not suitable, you can replace them with other items.

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