5 Champion Counter Ashe In Wild Rift , Important!

Ashe became one of the adc champions with strong skills, because he had high damage thanks to his skills and you have to know 5 champion counter ashe.


There are many ADCs in the wild rift with different skills to use, one of which is ashe. There are many Champion counter ashe in the wild rift that you can use, because of this weakness they have. By counting these champions, you can attack them more easily. Here we will discuss about the champions in the wild rift.

Ashe became one of the adc champions with strong skills, because he had high damage thanks to his skills. He is a typical ADC that relies on speed and critical attack, because the damage can shoot 3 times in one attack. This indeed makes him strong to be used as adc, especially when using complete items.

However, it turns out that this champion has a weakness that is easy enough for you to take advantage of. For example, the skills he has, there is no skill movement to run away from enemies. Indeed, Ashe can reduce the enemy’s movement speed, but if the enemy is near him, Ashe will be difficult to escape from the enemy.


5 champion  ashe counter in this wild rift, can attack ashe very easily. Who are the heroes, you can see below:
• Jinx
• Yasuyo
• Vayne
• Miss Fortune
• Ezreal

Here we will provide tips about 5 Ashe Counter Champions in Wild Rift, which you can try. If you are confused about fighting Ashe and want to know how to fight it, you can try using this champion to counter him.



Jinx can fight Ashe easily, because he has complete skills in avoiding poke ashe. Ashe requires a stack and is very dangerous if the buff skill is active. Because jinx has a trap skill that can stop enemies, jinx can make the ashe buff’s duration disappear. Not only that, but Jinx also has far poke damage thanks to his damage skill.



Yasuo is very strong against enemies who have projectile attacks. This is what makes Yasuo very strong against Ashe, because of Ashe’s projectile attacks. In fact, Yasuo can also fend off Ultimate Ashe easily.



What makes Vayne strong against Ashe is the movement skill he has. Vyane is not only agile and can attack Ashe easily, his ultimate skill that makes him disappear is very useful against Ashe who plays the target.


Miss Fortune

Ashe has a fast attack and can deal high damage thanks to his high attack speed. However, the miss fortune has a high burst damage and can beat Ashe easily, using only a few shots in an instant.



Ezreal has a blink skill that can easily avoid Ashe, and a poking skill that has a high range and damage. With the agility of this champion, ashe will be difficult to catch up.


Those are the tips about 5 Champion Counter Ashe in Wild Rift, which you can use. By using this champion, Ashe will be very difficult to attack you. Of course, the way you play is also very important, so you can beat Ashe in the wild rift.


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