List Rune Domination Minor 1 In Wild Rift

Rune is a feature in the wild rift, which gives you additional skills and stats when playing. when you playing wild rift you must able to prepare anything


In playing the wild rift, you must be able to prepare everything you need, such as build items and runes. By adjusting this, you can make it easier to attack your enemies and strengthen the champions you are using. Each build and rune item has different stats and skills, for you to use. Here we will discuss about rune in the wild rift.

Rune is one of the features in the wild rift, which gives you additional skills and stats when playing. There are many types of runes that you can use, so you can use multiple runes for your purposes as champions. Some can help you deal damage, some can provide additional defense.

Each rune has its use with a different type. There is a main rune, yes, it’s keystone. There are also minor runes that become side runes with less effect. Although not as good as keystone runes, minor runes also have very powerful uses.


Rune Domination Minor 1 LOL Wild Rift

In managing runes, you must be able to know what can be used. You can see the list of runes below:


  • Brutal
  • Gathering Storm
  • Hunter Vampirism
  • Triumph
  • Champion
  • Weakness

Here we will provide tips regarding the list of Rune Domination Minor 1 in Wild Rift, which you can try. By knowing this list of runes, it will be easier for you to manage the runes you will use.

This rune usually contains runes that can increase the damage you have. With this rune, you can attack enemies with greater damage. You can use this rune, once you have the keystone rune.

Here’s a list of runes that you can use:



This rune will increase your attack damage and / or penetration damage. If your damage is greater in magic damage, you will get power abilities. However, if you have greater attack damage, you will get additional attack damage and armor penetration.


Storm Gathering

This rune can increase the damage you have, during the game you have. If you fight enemy with small damage, you can get additional ability power every 2 minutes. The stats you get are also quite high to use.


Hunter Vampirism

If you previously received damage, here you will get a physical vamp or magic vamp, depending on the stats you have. Each champion you kill will also give you additional damage and vamp skills depending on the stats you have.



This rune will make you stronger against enemies, because it can give you additional heal. When you defeat an enemy champion, you will get additional blood from the total amount of blood you have. When fighting an enemy whose blood is below 35%, you will get more damage.



This rune will provide additional damage when fighting a champion, because you can provide additional damage when attacking a champion. However, if you lose, you will lose the bonus from the additional damage.



Rune that can weaken the enemy, because it can make him receive greater damage. When enemies are hit by slow or immobile skills such as stun and root, the damage they receive will increase. So, you can do more damage later.


Those are the tips regarding the list of Rune Domination Minor 1 in the Wild Rift, which you can use. You can only use 1 of the many runes. so, it’s a good idea to use a suitable rune so that you can strengthen the champion properly.


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