5 Champion Counter Graves LOL Wild Rift

These champions have a relatively advantageous advantage against Graves. Graves can be easier to fight if you use one of the champions here.


Graves is one of the terrible jungler thanks to its high damage and sustained armor. Sometimes it’s a bit difficult to fight Graves who wants to keep his position because apart from high damage and sustain, Graves is also a kiter. But there are some Graves Wild Rift champion counters that you can use.

These champions benefit relatively well against Graves. Graves can be easier to fight if you use one of the champions here. In fact, it could be so much easier since Graves’ biggest weakness can be easily exploited.


If you are curious about who are the champions who can count Graves more easily, we will provide them here. It can be easier for him to fight against some of the champions here.


  • Evelynn
  • Amumu
  • Xin Zhao
  • Ahri
  • Ezreal

Here, let’s discuss the Graves Wild Rift champion counter that you can use. Very effective to use against Graves for sure is proof to try.



Evelynn is the strongest counter for you to use against Graves. This is because Graves is very weak against the AP damage Evelynn has. Evelynn’s AP damage is also quite high with her burst which is very easy to remove Graves from the map.



Amumu is arguably a jungler who also counters Graves thanks to his fast farming speed. But what makes Amumu strong is his sustain and AP. Graves will have a lot of trouble considering Amumu is hard to beat without swallowing a lot of high AP damage.


Xin Zhao

Xin Zhao can be said to be one of the AD champions who can match Graves with high armor. In fact, you could say that Xin Zhao is more involved as a tanker thanks to the build that is more inclined towards sustain. But against Graves, Xin Zhao had no problem with the damage output.



Ahri is a midlaner who can shut down Graves very easily thanks to his high damage and mobility. She can easily give high burst to Graves which is his main weakness. Not only that, She very difficult to catch thanks to her mobility.


Ezreal is actually the same as Ahri, which is high damage with no less high mobility. The high speed of moving places can be troublesome for Graves, who is a melee kiter. Against Ezreal, Graves will be in a lot of trouble and won’t be able to catch up.


Those are some of the Graves Wild Rift champion counters that might be very effective in your game. Graves’ matchup will be at a disadvantage if there is one of these champions on the opposing team. Having to change strategies for Graves because it will be difficult to fight AP damage and high mobility.


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