5 Champion Counter Jax LOL Mobile Wild Rift

Some of the champions who will be on this list can become Jax's counters in the Wild Rift. They have a good skillset and are well suited to win against Jax.


5 Jax Wild Rift champion counters that lol mobile players can use. Jax is a very strong champion in Baron lane. He is a champion who is seeded when he is 1v1 and trading. It’s hard to win easily against this one champion. But at least there are some gaps and weaknesses that other champions can take advantage of.

Some of the champions who will be included in this list can become Jax counters in the Wild Rift. They have a good skillset and are well suited to win against Jax. So if you want to win against Jax in Baron lane, you can try using one of the five champions below.

For those who are curious about who can counter Jax’s champions, read on to see the list of champions;

  • Malphite
  • Garen
  • Singed
  • Fiora
  • Darius

Here, let’s discuss the Jax Wild Rift champion counter that you can use and be effective against Jax on Baron lane. Himself who sometimes disturbs this cannot be allowed because in the late game it will be terrible.


Malphite is indeed an anti meta. Almost all the most popular baron lane on the counter by him. The reason is because Malphite is a fairly complete champion. He has a lot of tools in laning. Poke, harass, trade, cc, and sustain are included.



Garen is a pretty thick champion. He has a passive super regen which is very helpful during the laning phase. Not only that, his 2nd skill against Jax will be very useful considering Garen can reduce his opponent’s damage. Enough in superior in lane.



Singed may be in high rank is often said to be a troll pick, but against some champions, Singed is very superior. Fighting Jax would be easier. Jax who is strong against an AD champion will have a hard time against Singed the AP. Singed which is also easy to do proxy is also quite strong.



Who else if not the queen of Baron lane. Fiora could easily have counted Jax. Jax who can stun Fiora can be countered and even Jax who is stunned. Poke and Fiora’s high harass plus rarely lose the trade makes Fiora the right champion against Jax.



Darius is also the same as Fiora. He has poke, harass, damage, sustain, and can also win easily thanks to trades. Jax will be troubled against Darius, especially the damage from Darius’ passive which can make the opponent’s HP leak. In general it will be difficult to win against Darius.


Those are some of the Jax Wild Rift champion counters that you can use. They are your best choice when playing against Jax. Especially some are its hard counters.


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