5 Champion Counter Olaf LOL Mobile Wild Rift

Olaf is a pretty terrible champion thanks to her skillset. The more Olaf is dying, the stronger it is, which makes him suitable for playing aggressively.


Olaf is a very terrible champion in the early game, very high power spikes make it difficult to fight and dominate in the early early days. But take it easy because he still has an opponent, with this champion counter Olaf Wild Rift, of course, you can beat him easily.

Olaf is a pretty terrifying champion thanks to his skillset. The more Olaf is dying, the stronger it is, which makes him suitable for playing aggressively. As long as he is supported properly, it will be difficult to stop Olaf. But take it easy because Olaf still has a few counters.


Champion Counter Olaf LOL Mobile Wild Rift

For those of you who are curious, how to fight Olaf and who are the counters, we have the answer. Just look down to see this champion counter for Olaf Wild Rift;

  • Xin Zhao
  • Master Yi
  • Vayne
  • Akali
  • Tryndamere

Here, let’s talk about the Olaf Wild Rift champion counter that you can use. Don’t let Olaf be active in the early game, because later he will create important space for his team. But don’t be careless against him in his early power spike game.


Xin Zhao

Even though Xin Zhao arguably lost in the first 10 minutes, he could continue to win in the mid and late games. Olaf will have a hard time fighting Xin Zhao, especially since his damage output and good sustain can hold Olaf back. You can use it as a jungler matchup.


Master Yi

Just like Xin Zhao, Yi if he fought Olaf in the early game would be very weak, but calm because this is natural. Yi is a late game carry that requires a lot of space and farm. In the late game, Olaf will also be a very easy opponent for Yi. Yi is terrible in the late game.



Vayne can be played on two lanes, duo lane and also Baron lane. Whatever lane Vayne occupies will make Olaf a hassle. Because Vayne is a good kiter, this makes Olaf difficult. in the late game Vayne’s damage was also unreasonable and terrible.



Akali can also count Olaf. Olaf who is fighting Akali will be troubled because of Akali’s very high burst. Not only that, Akali’s poke and kite will also be troublesome for Olaf, especially Akali who can disappear and cannot be targeted. Roughly speaking, it’s a bad matchup for Olaf.



Olaf is a very strong champion thanks to his passivity, the more the dying the more terrifying. Against Tryndamere is a bad thing because Tryndamere can not die and the dying is also getting stronger. Olaf against Tryndmere will be a lot of trouble.


Those are some of the champion counters for Olaf Wild Rift that you can use. These five champions can be your first choice for those who want to play against Olaf in this game. It’s terrible in the early game, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on being bullied by Olaf. You can still fight back.

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