5 Champion Counter Sona LOL Mobile Rift

Support in the wild rift is very important to exist. Beside being able to help you in attacking the enemy and you have to know about 5 Champion Counter Sona


Support in genshin impact is very much in different ways in providing support assistance. With support too, you can provide assistance to your team and attack enemies more easily. This will certainly help you win the game. Here we will discuss about the champions of sona in the wild rift.

Support in the wild rift is very important to exist. Besides being able to help you in attacking the enemy. However, some supports can actually be countered using certain champions. If you are confused about some of these heroes, you can try ways like using the champion counter. So, you can use a certain champion to fight against that champion.

Sona is one of the hardest champions to deal with, with the heal and buff he has. This champion has a strong buff skill to attack enemies, and a strong heal to defend against enemy attacks.

These 5 Champions can count Sona well, with their skills. Who are the Champions, can be seen below:

  • Bliztcrank
  • Soraka
  • Nami
  • Seraphine
  • Yasuo


Blizrcrank can attract Sona easily, because Sona itself doesn’t have any movement skills. In addition, Bliztcrank’s silence skill works very well in attacking Sona, because of Sona’s habit of spamming her skills to run away from enemies.



Soraka can poke Sona with ease, allowing him to increase his blood quickly. Not only that, but Soraka’s silence can also silence Sona in using skills. So, enemies won’t receive heal or buff from sona for quite a long time.



Nami has a skill that can give this airborne effect, she can keep attacking Sona easily. Nami’s health is also high and can give buffs to friends around her.



Seraphine has a skill similar to Sona, only it has a better effect. Her double attacks, CC and shield skills allow her to attack Sona easily. With seraphine, the existence of sona will be very threatened.



Yasuo has a skill that can attack enemies quickly and a shield that can repel almost all projectiles. Sona’s projectile attacks make it difficult to attack Yasuo. Instead, Yasuo was able to attack Sona with ease, and defeated her in an instant.


Those are tips about 5 Champion Counter Sona in Wild Rift, which you can try. Sona himself is one of the champions with the best support skills with heal and buff. However, with so many heroes available, this one support can be countered easily too.


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