5 Champion LOL Wild Rift That Auto Ban!

These 5 champions have clear reasons and because of that they are often used in the lower ranks where there is no draft pick.


For those of you who have played Wild Rift and reached draft pick mode, maybe sometimes you are still confused about what to pick or ban. Bus says the 5 Wild Rift champions are obliged to auto tire, this will be the main target. The reason is clear, they are too strong and terrible in their class and role.

These 5 champions have clear reasons and because of that they are often used in the lower ranks where there is no draft pick. You could say they are the best in their respective roles and classes. It is terrible if it is released and of course it cannot be underestimated when used by an opponent.

For those of you who are curious about who should be banned in the draft pick, we will provide the list below. They cannot be underestimated, yes because a very high potential can mess up your team:

  • Ahri
  • Blitzcrank
  • Camille
  • Jinx
  • Master Yi



Ahri is one of the best midlaners currently in the Wild Rift. You can’t underestimate his high damage thanks to his combo. In laning Ahri is a very annoying bully lane. It doesn’t stop there, Ahri has high mobility. He is very complete from the actor skillset.



Blitzcrank despite getting nerfed himself is still a terrible tanker. As a Blitz tank it is also quite complete because it has CC, hook, sustain, and damage. Using Blitzcrank is unfortunately a bit hit / miss because of his hook skill. Must be used if you know very well.



As a baron laner Camille has skills that are suitable for trade and bullying, as a jungler when ganking, maybe no one can escape from Camille. Camille is a very strong and fairly balanced champion. But used in the right hands, it is very dangerous and obligatory on the tire.



If you say there are still many ADCs that are stronger than Jinx it might make sense, but is there anything more consistent than Jinx? Jinx doesn’t need a high skill shot. Just wait for the late game until the item is full, then Jinx can provide the highest DPS.


Master Yi

If we talk about junglers, usually junglers will have various ways to give the team an edge. But Yi was a bit different because as a jungler he was a champion type who focused on reaching high farms. Yi is a late game core that can lift the team easily.


Those are some Wild Rift champions who are obliged to auto tire. It’s dangerous to let go because if the enemy gets at least one of them, be prepared that you will be difficult later when playing later.


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