Recommended Runes For Graves LOL Wild Rift

He is a very strong jungler today. Capable of dueling effectively, Graves is an anti-AD jungler and this recommended runes for graves.


Graves is a pretty interesting jungler. He is a champion range that plays like a melee, but he is a very effective kiter. Even though he is very strong, he is a little tricky without the right Graves Wild Rift rune recommendation. Take it easy, we will explain it completely.

He is a very strong jungler today. Capable of dueling effectively, Graves is an anti-AD jungler. The reason he was strong against the Army was because of his armor. Yes, every time you dash, Graves gets armor that can be stacked continuously. This is the reason level 1 invade Graves is so popular.

But there are still many who are actually confused about the runes. Naturally, there are several rune choices for Graves which can certainly be tricky. Relax, because we will provide recommendations for the Graves Wild Rift runes that are effective for him as a jungler below;


  1. Runes
  • Fleet Footwork
  • Hunter Titan
  • Mastermind
  1. Spells
  • Smite
  • Flash

This combination of runes is perfect for Graves’ use. With this, his effectiveness will be greatly increased. Especially Graves, who is inclined to be an aggressive champion, of course, will need this combination. We will immediately discuss it below for you.



Runes are definitely one of the very important things in Wild Rift. Without the right combination of runes, your champions will play optimally. It is very difficult to play with the wrong runes because later it will harm yourself. Graves’ runes are not that complicated.

He is a jungler who is more inclined towards aggressive sustain. His high damage comes from trading as well as forward beatdowns. You will be looking for a little sustain and damage too. the most important thing is just focus on making him aggressive all the time.


Fleet Footwork

For the keystone rune you will use Fleet Footwork. You will definitely target this rune because of its superiority in making Graves aggressive. With Fleet you will have the advantage of heals and MVSPD. Graves who have to duel and keep moving will benefit from this.



Of course, Brutal will be your target. Graves requires additional damage and also makes it even more fatal. Brutally offers this thanks to his armor penetration and AD. Even though it doesn’t look big, it’s pretty useful for Graves too. Difficult to change to other runes such as Triumph.


Hunter Titan

Hunter Titan can be a rune that might have a big impact on Graves. The reason is easy, sustain. Yes, Graves who really need sustain will be greatly helped by this rune. Moreover, the max HP that can be increased continuously each kill will be felt when snowballing.



Almost a must for champion jungler and baron laner, Graves is also included here. The true damage bonus is very useful for Graves, especially in cleaning jungle and objectives. With this, Graves can provide a high tempo in the game, continue to focus on objectives.



For the choice of spells unfortunately as a jungler there are not many choices. Smite must be used for those of you who play as a jungler, while Flash is also mandatory for anyone who uses it. Therefore it cannot be replaced by anything and of course it must be used like this.



As a jungler, you must definitely bring Smite. These spells will be mandatory for junglers to use in order to clean the jungle even faster. Moreover, the smite effect will be upgraded when cleaning 4 jungle spots. Graves cannot replace whatever the situation is.



Mandatory under by Graves who have no mobility other than the dash. Graves will be very helpful with Flash whether it is chasing, escaping, or repositioning. It cannot be changed regardless of the situation. Even if you do plan to replace it, it will be difficult later.


Those are the recommendations for Graves Wild Rift runes that might be useful for those of you who are looking for the best combination. Graves is a terrible jungler when snowballing is very aggressive. Often disadvantages the opposing team thanks to the invade.


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